Sterilization through sources with UV Radiation

Spectral characteristics of UV light

UV-A - long-wave radiation, causes a taning

UV-B - a small but dangerous component that can cause skin burns and adverse effects on the eyes and skin. In sunlight, it is absorbed by the ozone layer.

UV-C - a germicidal component that prevents the spread and multiplication of bacteria and viruses by destroying them. In sunlight, it is absorbed by oxygen and ozone in the atmosphere.

Physical properties:

UV rays are high-energy electromagnetic rays that occur in the natural spectrum of radiation emitted by the sun

Ultraviolet light (UV)

It is divided into several categories. For the purposes of effective disinfection A process that neutralizes microorganisms without the use of chemicals uses a specific wavelength: UV-C

405 nm

Visible light disinfection method Continuous method of disinfection allowing use in the presence of people


Lamps using UVC radiation functions to sterilize environments, called germicidal lamps or germicidal emitters, have a wide range of uses, especially in smaller areas where it is necessary to kill fungi, bacteria and their spores, yeast and microorganisms and clean and disinfected surfaces and air without using chemicals. These are mainly areas in gastronomy, healthcare, hotel rooms, hairdressers, beauty salons, fitness and other areas on which incre-a sed hygienic demands are placed. The offered germicidal lamps work on the basis of short-wave UV radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm and are commonly used in healthcare or water treatment. Current requirements and the need to ensure an above-standard sterile environment require instruments, germicidal sources, which eliminate the possibility of spreading viruses and bacteria by using UVC radiation to effectively neutralize microorganisms within minutes, thus preventing their further reproduction and multiplication.

We offer solutions for the following uses:

Example of the use of UVC in the fight against COVID19 in public transport and healthcare (Wuhan)

Portable germicidal radiator

Gemicidal radiator for mounting, combined with normal light

Radiator with standard socket E27

Pocket UVC for sterilization of small objects

Smart UVC for easy installation with built-in motion sensor

Characteristics of light of wavelength

Functional light source that gives the effect of sterilization by sunlight with the indoor light.

 Bacteria have a characteristic that they become extinct when exposed to sunlight for a long time. It is because of a material called ‘porphyrin’ inside of bacteria which destroys its cells by reacting with certain wavelengths of sunlight. By maximizing the use of the 405nm wavelength to which porphyrin reacts most actively, with its unique LED light extraction technology.

This product does not harm the human body, its sterilization function can be used with any worries in places where many people pass by such as kitchens or restrooms. The product is verified that it does not have any negative effect on the eyes or skin, from the Photobiological Safety Standard (IEC62471) of International Electrotechnical Commission, an internatio- nal standard for electrical technology.

Type of mode

Disinfection mode only (Doses)

Combination of disinfection and standard light